Whilst searching YouTube for videos on typing and physical gestures used on laptops I didn’t realise i was entering into the world of ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response). An unknown territory for me and to many others as apparently not everyone can experience the distinct pleasurable tingling feeling when listening to certain sounds such as typing, whispering, tapping. 

A really strange concept (to me) perhaps because its an unknown feeling, but i find the instrucitonal/advice/tutorial videos also interesting. The world of YouTube almost encourages an open conversation between oneself and the internet (everyone but no-one at the same time). This direct conversation with an assumed listener is something I’ve found fascinating since Lucy Clouts artist talk (last year). Its a strange concept; these people are an embodiment of what the digital world is doing to the way we communicate: we strive for connection and experience yet in this strive we are isolating ourselves, from each other and also from external life.

Useful information on ASMR here –

Examples of videos on YouTube


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